The Black Sun

The Black Sun – Promatx

The Black Sun - Promatx
Artist: Promatx , Brett Stokes
Label: Fuzion Four Records
Genre: Trance
Released: 06.08.2012

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Promatx is a young up and coming producer/dj residing in Mountain View, CA. His styles vary from project to project but he has such a diverse ear for music that we never really know what he's about create, to us, this style of production brings value to the table in an industry so bent on dividing artists into genre's and boxing them into a corner, which if you allow to solidify who you are as a producer it becomes increasingly difficult to break from that mold without losing some fan base. Promatx is the epitome of the new breed of producers who refuse to be labeled and we're quite proud to have him on board with us. Please enjoy his wonderful selection of emotional, Uplifting tunes and includes an equally Uplifting but higher energy take on "The Black Sun" by yet another young up and coming producer with no anchors holding him to one style, welcome, Brett Stokes.