Sunny Side (Original Mix)

Sunny Side (Original Mix)

Sunny Side (Original Mix)
Artist: Dave Richards
Label: MK837
Genre: Progressive, House
Released: 06.07.2011

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The lazy hazy days of summer are here again and so are the sounds of summer. MK837 presents the follow up to last year's smashing "Sounds of Summer" EP. This year it's double stuffed with enough goodness to get even your 90 year-old granny up and groovin'. This year's album features tracks by Ben Moore, Brother Brooks, Dave Richards, Deeflash, Deep Dementure, Les Enfant Des Fauves, Kevin Oneel, Shelby Callaway, Tribesman and Xen Ochren. There may be some things you would like to miss out on this summer, but this ain't one of them.