Solar Unity

Solar Unity – Maxima

Solar Unity - Maxima
Artist: Maxima
Label: Fuzion Four Records
Genre: Trance
Released: 01.28.2012

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Born and raised in the U.S., Katherine Pinkston or otherwise known as "Maxima" and "Asciel" is a young rising uplifting female trance producer. At the young age of 16, she was first introduced to trance music through a close friend. Ever since then she couldn't get enough of it. Only a year later would she get the idea of making her own, using an old laptop and a trial version... of FL Studio 6, a popular sequencer program a friend told her about one day. Enter the year 2011, where Katherine, now 21 years old, has matured her production abilities. After no prior music experience what so ever, she went from a girl tinkering around with the program to a higher uplifting trance artist! She enjoys helping other artists in their time of need, only to repay the assistance she has received throughout the years. Being very knowledgeable in the workstation "FL Studio" and several others, she delivers uplifting trance to the maximum, or in this case, the "Maxima!"