So Cute (Dave Richards Remix)

So Cute (Dave Richards Remix)

So Cute (Dave Richards Remix)
Artist: Van Lazarux & Rossene , Dave Richards
Label: MK837
Genre: Tech, House
Released: 11.09.2010

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When you are looking for a special blend of tech house and tribal house, there's really only one place to go and that's south of the border. So the MK837 crew pulled in an old buddy of theirs techno, tribal tech, and tech house master Van Lazarux. With a slew of hits on Next Dimension Music, Austo Records, Molachaho Records, Itzama Recordings and more, Van Lazarux and Rossene banged out the tech slammer 'So Cute' that does more than just please. For this release the remixes come from Deeflash, Dave Richards and Michael Montez. Don't miss this one folks.