On The Verge (Taylor Franklyn Remix)

On The Verge (Taylor Franklyn Remix)

"On The Verge (Remix)" by Taylor Franklyn
Artist: Passion Meets Drive , Taylor Franklyn
Label: Heaven Sound Records
Genre: Electro, House
Released: 11.17.2011

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In early 2010 duo Daniel Dodd Jr. and Joel M. Haddorff formed Passion Meets Drive (PMD). One aim of PMD is to create music that engages the imagination and the soul. In the studio Dodd and Haddorff often talk about the “visual” nature and thematic moods that are present in the music they create and about the ways those ideas can be further realized.

With their debut track On the Verge, PMD offers entrancing rhythms, psychedelic soundscapes, and dramatic motifs. PMD purposes to continue musical innovation and artistry in their future advances.