No Sense At All

No Sense At All – D-Railed

No Sense At All - D-Railed
Artist: D-Railed , Jason Pederson, Anth'm, Matt Lavars
Label: Cold Fuzion Digital
Genre: Hard, Trance
Released: 04.21.2012

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ntroducing the debut release on all new Hard Dance imprint of Fuzion Four Label Group LLC marking the official launch, we expect big things for the Hard Dance Generation as fans around the globe are seeking the Harder, Edgier yet melodic dance tunes that keep you moving until the last tunes plays: Release Date: 2 week Beatport Excl. April 21, 2012 Everywhere else May 5, 2012 D-Railed brings it hard on this one with two new dance floor smashers for the Harder Generation,"No Sense At All" which leans more towards the harder sound of dance music with less Trancey melodies and more hard hitting kicks, driving basslines and just simply overall mind numbing energy that would even get the most hard core metal head rockin out, I guess that's why they consider Hard Dance the Heavy Metal of Dance music. With "We're Going In" he still brings the heat but lays out some more emotional, melodic synth work to draw on the Trance base of dance fans but certainly not lacking in overall energy that he brought to the table with "No Sense At All". Now, although C.F.D is a hard dance label D-Railed introduced three remixes with this package that after listening we just couldn't turn down. Jason Pederson brought to the package a much different vibe and overall emotion with his Progressive Trance interpretation of "No Sense At All" but oddly enough, it still doesn't lack energy, he really managed to keep a certain level of high paced flow in the track that we certainly didn't think would be possible with a Progressive remix, bravo to Pederson. On "We're Going In" Matt Lavars brings to this package a very Tribal sounding Trance interpretation that is a bit more mellow but has enough energy to keep your butts moving on the dance floor and keeps a nice flow Throughout the mix. The 3rd remix in this collection definitely solidified the diversity of this release, Anth'm bringing us his own take on "We're Going In" with a Progressive Tech Trance version that just sat well with our ears and just couldn't resist sealing the deal on it.