Heaven Sound Sessions Volume 4

Heaven Sound Sessions Volume 4

A blend of Positive Dance Culture music mixed by Karl Forde.
Artist: Karl Forde
Label: Heaven Sound Records
Genre: Uplifting, Trance
Released: 04.07.2013

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This volume of Heaven Sound Sessions, we are teaming up with Exodus Cry to change lives, hearts and culture in the battle against human sex trafficking. Exodus Cry is an international leader in the revolution against this horrific immorality that is rampant in the world today. You can take part in this joint effort by downloading this mix and donating to this cause if you feel led to do so. We hope that your soul will be refreshed by this masterful mix of trance brought to you by Karl Forde. Thank you for joining us in the fight against human sex trafficking by supporting this project.

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Artwork for the compilation done by Jared Smith