Heaven Sound Sessions Volume 2

Heaven Sound Sessions Volume 2

A blend of Positive Dance Culture music mixed by Alejandro Cesar.
Artist: Alejandro Cesar
Label: Heaven Sound Records
Genre: Dubstep, Electro, Progressive, Uplifting, Trance
Released: 10.01.2012

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A special thanks to all the labels and artists that made this possible!

Above All Records - http://aboveall.nl/

Deepsink Digital - http://deepsinkdigital.com/

Fuzion Four Deep - http://fuzionfourdeep.com/

Fuzion Four Records - http://fuzionfourrecords.com/

Heaven Sound Records - http://heavensoundrecords.com/

NewHeart Records - http://newheartrecords.com/

Mastering for the compilation done by Brian Flinn - https://www.facebook.com/DJBrianFlinn

Artwork for the compilation done by Jared Smith