Dark Sunny Day (Original Mix)

Dark Sunny Day (Original Mix)

Dark Sunny Day (Original Mix)
Artist: Sairkarna
Label: Komplex Sounds
Genre: Techno
Released: 07.22.2012

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Sairkarna aka Tom Prohazka from Graz, Austria. An acomplished minimal and Techno producer, he brings to Komplex Sound a full and rich sound with dark overtones. Off the stage and the studio Sairkarna is a humble man, with only one goal... For the love of the music NOT the FAME. However regardless his goal, Sairkarna has travelled globally been recgonised by his peers, European and Asian club Scenes. His journey has allowed him to support; Paul Kalkbrenner, Monika Kruse, Koshee, Stereo MC's, Turntablerockers, Digitalism, Jan Maruk, Niereich , Sutter Cane , and Kaiserdisko; at the following Festivals and Superclubs; Frequenzy, Urban Art Forms Festival, Elektro Sun (Shanghai), Jewels (Dubai), Paradise (Russia). Sairkarna, also hosts a monthly radioshow in Graz, where he continually launches in latest releases, including his scheduled 12 releases for Komplex Sounds, and counting for 2012. Sairkarna lastest reconition has been a world ranking #43 minimal/techno mix competition for ENVY MY MUSIC remix competition hosted by the German Superclub Cocoon! Sairkarna continues the dark techno journey with this release on 'SubMinimaL'. With forum reviews listing this track in the top 5 minimal tunes of March 2012 across minimal forums... In the stereo field, the hats have a bigger presence than a blizzard in the Bahamas. On the dance floor, they'd be flying over your head colliding, and showering you with shards of ice. The snare gasps for air like an olympic swimmer, and keeps the mids of the mix tense and exciting. And the kick?... Check it out for yourself.