Air – Mx2

Air - Mx2
Artist: Mx2
Label: Deepsink Digital
Genre: House, Trance
Released: 03.16.2012

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Brand new producer Mx2 with this awesome EP called "Air". Air (Original Mix): 'Air' was created with two thoughts in mind: Have a memorable lead and have a memorable breakdown. It starts with chords, and the bass bringing in that memorable lead nicely. The breakdown starts with some mystical sounding drums, and then the strings are brought in, calming down for just long enough to start up the lead again. This track was named 'Air' after its atmosphere: warm and inviting, bringing a little bit of summer to any time of the year. New Perspective (Original Mix): 'New Perspective' started out as a remix of a vocal trance classic. After reconsidering, it was decided to start it out fresh as an original track. That's when the ideas starting flowing, adding in the percussion and that square sound we all know and love. This track was named 'New Perspective' after watching the movie 'Soul Surfer' and realizing that sometimes, all we really need is a new perspective on things. Dragonfly (Original Mix): The first take of 'Dragonfly' was more of a house-influenced track. After writing out a lead more commonly seen in Trance, the track changed drastically. Keeping that house bass, but bringing in an Uplifting Trance feel, the track invites the listener to keep on listening. This track was named 'Dragonfly' after seeing a dragonfly outside one day and thinking that this track was like a dragonfly - moving freely with the wind.