A Closer Distance (Original mix)

A Closer Distance (Original mix)

A Closer Distance by Nathaniel De Sanctis
Artist: Nathaniel De Sanctis
Label: GruvTech Recordings
Genre: House
Released: 09.16.2011

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Nathaniel De Sanctis we believe is very well on his way to being the next big thing House music, his enthusiasm, his talent behind the decks, his ear the music which is why he is our A&R manager for GruvTech, not only those things give us this idea.

Dj Nathaniel De Sanctis has been producing music since the beginning of 2008, and released his first remix with Fuzion Four Records in January 2011. Later on, GruvTech Recordings was introduced into the Fuzion Four Records family. Nathaniel is now the Manager and A&R Representative for GruvTech.

''This little known Canadian producer may be unknown, but has the talent to rise to the top of the house circuit very quickly, keep an eye out for our label as his own originals are on their way and he will not disappoint.